Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Soul Brothas

She’d sworn with every fabric of her being to teach the kids in her neighborhood a lesson.  She was a witch and didn’t spook the neighborhood as much as the kids belittled each other with vulgarity and threats of violence.  It was a damn shame that in this day and age kids were acting as if they were living in the Jim Crow era, she thought.  So early that morning when she heard a five-year-old child say to another, “What chu lookin’ at nigga,” the old Indian woman nearly turned the boy into a frog, but she decided that turning him into an amphibian would not help the boy’s situation, so she changed his father into one instead.  She picked the frog up and zipped him in her housecoat pocket until she got home, and then she put him in a jar and she watched as he tirelessly tried to jump out.  She scolded him until he stopped hopping and listened as he promised with several croaks to amend his prejudice ways and teach his son to be respectful of all races.  Then with a twirl of her wand she set the father free, promising to change him back if he spoke a word to anyone about what happened.  That afternoon, she decided to take the path that ran along the high school and led to the store so she could buy worms for her soup.  As she was passing the high school, she saw the two teenagers in the parking lot.  They were the same two teenagers that she often heard swearing and talking down to each other when she was taking her evening stroll.  She watched as they got into fighter’s stance.  They each had their fist in the air.  Just as both gave each other an uppercut, she twirled her wand.  Lightning struck them and their bodies fell to the ground.